10 December 2011

To the Future. Hope you read it.

Hello Future.
My name is Anna. I live in Stockholm, Sweden.
The year is 2011, soon 2012.
I am writing this letter to you because I am afraid.

Today 2011-12-10, we have nazis on our streets marching for something.
I don’t really know why. But they are nazis and they are marching.
I think that even they don’t know why. They are probably just full of hatred.
In our government in Sweden, we have racists. They call themselves democrats. 
They say that the n-word is a color.
Even people that are “celebrities” are on TV saying that it is ok to use the n-word.
I know, right?

But it’s not only here in Sweden that racism is haunting us.
In America people hate each other. Because of the color of another ones skin.
People are living separately. Hating each other. 
But they don’t know, they are probably just afraid of what they don’t know.

The world is upside down. But I hope that you are ok and that in you, racism is not an issue. 
I hope that in you, we are all one.
I hope that we can live, side by side. And that everything is all love.
It may be naive of me, but I wish it would be like that.
Because that is hard to imagine a day like this. People are hurting.
People are being beaten down because of their color and sexual orientation. 
There is so much hate and violence. 
And I am afraid.

I know you can’t answer this letter but I hope that when we are in you, things will be different.