11 April 2012

New York, I love you

Start spreading the word. I’m leaving today. I want to be a part of it. Right through the very heart of it. New York. New York.

IMG_0307    IMG_0316
IMG_0339    IMG_0388    IMG_0403
IMG_0428     IMG_0433
           IMG_0434   IMG_0459    IMG_0435
IMG_0474    IMG_0495
IMG_0484  IMG_0493   IMG_0513
           IMG_0523    IMG_0532      IMG_0566
          IMG_0545      IMG_0546
IMG_0567    IMG_0588  IMG_0602
IMG_0610  IMG_0612
IMG_0618      IMG_0645

 IMG_0706     IMG_0704 
IMG_0716   IMG_0729   IMG_0756 
              IMG_0736      IMG_0772