24 May 2013

Moving Forward

I am turning 30 this year, unbelivable. I’ve reached goals, I’ve done things I am proud over. But the fact still remains, I’ve been unemployed for a year and the future here in Stockholm doesn’t seem bright. So I am moving, to the city of my dreams, London. I’ve been wanting this since I was 16, but things (life) always seem to get in the way.

IMG_2021  IMG_2062  IMG_2065

IMG_2107  IMG_2029 IMG_2056  IMG_2075

                        IMG_2066  IMG_2142

         IMG_2229  IMG_2220  IMG_2229  IMG_2225

                IMG_2063  IMG_2182  IMG_2064

             IMG_2183  IMG_2147  IMG_2144  IMG_2187

So, Stockholm I am leaving you. For a while.