25 July 2009

Poesie: Mr Buzy Body

Mr Busy body has a girlfriend
and seven other lovers.

Mr Busy body told me I was beautiful and wanted to come over.
Mr Busy body called his girlfriend and told her

that his batteries were dying.
He then turned his phone off and spent the night.

Mr Busy body said he remember everything about our past;
what movies we saw, what kind of food we ate and
all the things we used to do together.
Mr Busy body stayed the weekend.

Meanwhile Mr Busy body did this his girlfriend was waiting for him
in his house, in his bed.
When Mr busy body came home to her that night,

he’d bought flowers and said;
I’m sorry, I stayed at a friends house.
She belived him.

But somehow someday something felt wrong.
She did something she would not normally do.
In his phone she saw his text’s;
“You know I have a girlfriend. Will you still have sex with me?”
“I miss you. Are you mad at me?”
“What are you up to tonight? You know what bus to take to me.”
“You forgot your book here yesterday”

Mr Busy body denied everything.
He told his girlfriend that I was the very last person he’d ever get with.

Mr Busy body looked into his girlfriends eyes
and told her he loves her,
he would never cheat on her,
all those other girls are liars,
and please baby,
please you are all I got…

Mr Busy body’s girlfriend called me and asked

about the truth, what had he done?
I told her that he did exactly the same thing to me

five years ago...