21 April 2013

Fashion Killa

you can’t make a change, a difference, a revolution, if you create over what’s already done.
It’s necessary to start from zero. In this case a fashion brand cannot make a revolution if it sticks to the preconceived and corrupted fashion standards.
           IMG_1264 IMG_1266 IMG_1277
                      IMG_1281   IMG_1291
IMG_1318 IMG_1283 IMG_1297 IMG_1289
    IMG_1292   IMG_1296   IMG_1294  IMG_1295
    IMG_1278 IMG_1260 IMG_1267
IMG_1275   IMG_1287  IMG_1272
Designer: Romana Correale
Film maker: Carla Mantilla
Artist/Painter: Maryam Aljaderi
The video will be out soon!